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Cheeky MunchkinsDo you want your peace of mind knowing your youngster is safe and content when at a centre for childcare in Canterbury? Naturally, any parent would, which is why you should get in touch with our team at Cheeky Munchkins today!

Why early education is so important

For young infants, early education is an essential process. It’s their first time leaving the home and being out and about without their parents for most kids. For you (the parent) and your little one, this phase can be quite daunting. Your paternal instincts kick in, and the last thing you want to do is leave them somewhere they have never been before. 

However, this is an essential component of early education and is something that our team do incredibly well via our Canterbury daycare centre. Indeed, our facility is perfect for all kids aged 0 to 6, in which we impart our philosophy of play-based learning. By encouraging kids to learn critical cognitive skills through games and socialising, we are helping your youngster with their smooth transition from preschool to primary school. For kids that skipped preschool, this jump can be quite intense and rather scary! 

Uniqueness and independence

Furthermore, we understand that every kid is different. Because of this, we adapt and tailor our model to best suit each individual’s needs and values. Our educators and support staff focus on nurturing each infant’s development while engaging you (the parents) as partners in this process. 

While we’ll try to cover all bases, we understand that not all youngsters are receptive to all activities and stimulus. Consequently, childcare in Canterbury will focus on areas where your little one needs a bit more support and help, thereby emboldening their confidence and self-esteem. 

A “home away from home”

Most youngsters don’t want to leave their families, even if it’s only for a few hours or an afternoon. This is why we strive to foster an environment where each infant feels as if our childcare Canterbury centre is truly “a home away from home”. We achieve this by helping the little ones get comfortable and relaxed. The outdoor play area, equipped with a sandpit, climbing equipment, a garden and grassy space for socialising in small and larger groups. Our activities often target the following critical learning areas: 

  • Remedial mathematics
  • Introductory literacy (letters, words) 
  • Expressive arts and crafts
  • Communication and language
  • Personal and social development
  • Physical growth

New experiences

When providing high-quality child care in Canterbury, we recognise the value of giving your children new experiences. We want them to experience something new and valuable, as a way of learning something different about the world around them. This is why our staff will take the cohort on excursions in the local area or organise incursions within our Canterbury daycare facility. In our experience, the little ones genuinely enjoy embracing new things and learning along the way. Exposing them to things they have never seen before is also an essential part of the preschool transition to primary school. 

Why you should choose us

The industry for child care in Canterbury is somewhat competitive; however, we are pride to be one of the most popular providers in the area. We attribute our success to the following factors: 

Great location

Fortunately, our Canterbury daycare centre is located in an optimum position. Public transport (either via train or bus) is an easy option, and we provide ample on-street parking if you prefer dropping your youngster off each day. 

Low fees

It’s no secret that childcare in Canterbury can be costly. Thankfully, we take this into account and charge the lowest we possibly can for our services. Our low daily fee also includes food costs (three meals), nappies and other sanitary items should they be needed during your infant’s stay with us. 

Awesome facilities and staff

Our centre is well-equipped and refurbished. Our indoor areas boast air-conditioning and ample sunlight during the day, meaning your youngster will find the environment comfortable and soothing. Our in-house cook ensures that our food is nutritious and healthy (even for those picky eaters). Our early childhood teacher guarantees that your little one will be truly ready for primary school via our school readiness program. 

Get in touch? 

So, if you’re in desperate need of reliable support in childcare in Canterbury, then do not hesitate to reach out to someone from our team for more information. Our dedicated and compassionate staff will ensure you are well taken care of. 

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