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Cheeky MunchkinsAre you looking for a premium, carefree preschool in Punchbowl? Look no further than the Cheeky Munchkins Punchbowl childcare facility!

About us

At Cheeky Munchkins, our ethos is simple: to provide a safe, welcoming environment for all the little kids and tots. We adhere to the principle that all kids are inherently unique, meaning each little one requires their form of nurturing and development. We specialise in providing care to little kids aged 0 to 6, facilitating their maturity from the toddler stage to the primary school phase. 

Little kids can sometimes struggle to socialise and emotionally empathise with others. If they are not engaged socially with other kids, their confidence level and self-esteem can also wane. Thankfully, we endeavour to provide an environment that is stimulating and conducive to learning, socialising, and enriching your little one’s emotional wellbeing. With us, your munchkins will have the opportunity to develop their emotional, cognitive and social skills in a safe space, thereby encouraging their sense of independence. 

Our programs

As one of the leading providers of early learning in Punchbowl, our facility is dedicated to several critical development indicators. Notably, we focus on remedial social, cognitive, numeracy, and literacy tasks to facilitate a smooth transition from Punchbowl childcare to primary school. While our goal is to prepare your little ones for big school, our primary aim is to ensure they are happy, safe, and content at all times. Our programs are designed to enable each youngster to support each other, allowing everyone to thrive and grow. 

As per the Early Years Childhood Framework requirements, our curriculum places a strong emphasis on play-based learning. By following the Early Years Childhood Framework, our program also adheres to the National Quality Standards. In effect, we believe that play-based learning is the best way for young kids to receive childcare in Punchbowl. This is because it can assist in the strengthening of brain development, communication skills, and social acuity. 

Our childcare centre in Punchbowl

One of the benefits of our facility is that it has large outdoor and indoor play areas. For example, the outdoor space includes sandpits, climbing equipment, and a lovely, spacious garden, where your little ones can learn about the wonders of nature. These outdoor space areas are explicitly designed to motivate your youngsters’ sense of curiosity, encouraging them to explore and recognise recurring natural features and textures. 

More importantly, both our indoor and outdoor spaces have recently been refurbished and renovated, so you can rest assured knowing your youngster will feel comfortable. You don’t have to worry about their well-being during the hot, humid summer months either, because our indoor areas are fully air-conditioned. 

Furthermore, we have a team of dedicated staff, qualified, personable, patient, and caring. If you are concerned that your little one will be a lot to handle, rest assured that our team will care for your youngster, making them feel safe and secure. Our accredited, high-quality School Readiness Program consists of high-quality educators! 

Going above and beyond

If you want the best quality early learning services in Punchbowl, then Cheeky Munchkins are the place to be. Our comprehensive staff consists of quality carers and teachers and an in-house cook. Our in-house cook provides high-quality, nutritious food for all the kiddies, including morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea. 

Additionally, our low fees are affordable for all families, meaning you won’t have to break the bank or significantly change your finances to accommodate our charges. Our price also includes nappies, wipes, and food so that you won’t be blindsided by unforeseen costs. If you’re concerned about transport or parking, then do not fret; our facility has easy on-street parking and is close to public transport (Punchbowl station and Narwee station). 

Our Punchbowl childcare centre also boasts opportunities for youngsters with disabilities, as we offer free vision and hearing testing. This way, you’ll be able to discern whether your little one is suffering from a disability and perhaps requires more personalised assistance. Our staff will also organise excursions and incursions for the cohort, ranging from trips to the local park/reserve and group activities on the property. 

What are you waiting for?

At Cheeky Munchkins, we understand that it can be hard to let your little one go off into the world. However, this phase of development is critical to their long-term independence and happiness. So, if you want your youngster to attend a premium preschool in Punchbowl, get in touch with someone from our team for further information and help. You won’t regret receiving the best services in early learning in Punchbowl! 

Cheeky Munchkins provides learning opportunities to promote:

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