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At Cheeky Munchkins Early Learning Centre, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch education to get your children school ready for the primary. Our vision is to ensure a safe and happy environment for your youngster to learn. This is an early childhood centre near me that works towards giving your little one a variety of skills including social, self-help, emotional, and communication skills. The childhood centre focuses on equipping your child with the tools to thrive. Through our program, our early childcare centre provides education in the curriculum areas of movement, language, literacy, numeracy, culture, and creative arts. We believe your kids will best absorb what they are taught through play ensuring they have fun learning while they are at our child education centre. Cheeky Munchkins Early Learning Centre provides high-quality education to ensure your child is on their way to acing a big school. 

Our early learning childcare center aims to provide: 

Development of a variety of important life skills 

A program focused on providing the best learning for your child 

A play environment that gives your child abundant learning opportunities  

Nutritious meals for your child to thrive 

Ability to be school ready for when they start primary education

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    Development of life skills

    We believe early learning childcare should allow your little one to develop a variety of different skills that will help them later in life. At our cheeky munchkins early learning centre, we focus on them learning self-help skills such as washing their hands before and after eating, preparing their bed, and toilet training. Self-help skills are essential in helping them to become independent and instill confidence in themselves. The various activities on offer will allow your children to additionally develop fine motor, social, communication skills essential to their future learning. This will help as they take the next big steps to a big school. 

    Program suited to your child’s needs

    Our childcare and early learning centre has tailormade a program that works to ensure your child learns through a variety of curriculum areas following the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). These curriculum areas focus on STEM, art & craft, emotional resilience, physical development, communication, and culture. The program covers all these areas to ensure your child gets the most out of their education. Through providing a program based on the child’s interests, our early learning care ensures your children absorb what they are taught and have fun while they are doing it. Cheeky Munchkins Early Learning Centre aims for your little one to maintain a passion for education and stay curious about the world around them.

    High-quality play environment

    This is early learning childcare near me has a play environment catered with fun play equipment giving your little one fun experiences every day.  The outdoor play area includes a veggie garden, playground with a slide and climbing wall, a massive sandpit, an obstacle course, and other toys based on the weekly program. Indoors has classrooms that are well-ventilated, clean, and air-conditioned as well as stimulating and enticing for your youngster to feel comfortable and ready to learn. 

    Nourishing nutrition

    Not unlike most early childhood learning centres, Cheeky Munchkins has an in house cook that provides food of high-quality catering to the nutritional needs of your little ones. This early learning centre near me offers a menu that covers morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea.

    Tools for school readiness

    Our early childcare centre works to ensure your child is prepped and primed for primary school. We have a school readiness program that gives your kid various tools to thrive after they leave childcare early learning. We prepare your child through daily exercises on literacy and numeracy. Furthermore, our program helps them not only learn skills in math and the alphabet but the ability to be social, control emotions, follow instructions and communicate their inclinations. 

    Cheeky Munchkins Early Learning Centre has high-quality educators who aim to provide the utmost varied and exciting program for your little ones. This is childcare near me that ensures your child’s needs are a top priority. Through our program, school readiness exercises, invigorating play environment, development of a variety of skills and nutrition, rest assured your tot will be able to thrive in our early learning childcare centre. Our play-based learning methods are tailored to teach the children based on their interests enticing them to make the most out of their early learning as kids. 

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    Cheeky Munchkins Early Learning Centre

    A great and safe environment with an amazing outdoor area and very friendly staff. We are glad we chose this centre and can recommend it to anybody.

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